Monday, October 10, 2016

Date Set!

Greetings to all my friends and family back home, in college, and serving the Lord all over the world! I love you all and hope all is well with you in whatever you are doing👌🏽 Sad week for me as my Bobcats and Mavs lost.😢 I'm proud of my Bobcats and I know you will bounce back just like you always do! I'm still excited as heck to be a Mav when I get home and I am excited to watch them compete for a national title this year and beat Dixie this week! 💯🏈

This week has been awesome! We have had miracle on top of miracle and it has been awesome to see. My new companion has been out for 3 1/2 months like me so we go hard haha. He is from Lehi, UT and he loves sports and he works hard, so I am blessed to have him as a companion. 

We have been doing a lot of finding and tracting this week, and we have seen quite a few miracles this week. In this book I've read several times called "Member Missionary Work and Finding the Elect of God" it talks about praying over a map and then making a list of 5 streets each. Then you compare lists and the ones you have in common you go tract. It is basically a referral from God! So we went to this street called Beachside Drive and we tracted for like 3 hours and we got 12 return appointments for later this week. It was crazy! 😂 We also had a lot of crazy people answer the doors and stuff, but we got a ton of return appointments. We also found this guy that said his brother's girlfriend was a Mormon and lived right down the street. His brother wanted to get baptized so they could get married in the temple eventually. So we were like, "Right on!"🙌🏽 They are in the Philippines doing a charity mission thing right now, but will b back  in November. So we had a lot of success tracting one street, which was pretty cool! 😎

This Sunday was super awesome! It was fast Sunday so we fasted for less-actives to come to church and for new people to teach. So we get to church on Sunday and there was literally 5+ less-active families that came to church. There were people who came that hadn't been to church in almost a year. It was so amazing. One less-active we have been working with, bore his testimony in sacrament meeting and he shared a really amazing testimony about general conference and I was blown away. He was crying and I was on the verge of tears and it was so great! My companion and I also got to share our testimonies, and it was pretty good because I haven't done that in fast and testimony meeting for a while. 

This kinda crazy old guy in our ward gave us a referral for a guy. So we met with them both at the church on Friday and we had a great lesson! We taught the restoration and he loved it. He said he was looking for truth and felt like this is the true church. We asked him to be baptized and he said, "Yes! Absolutely!" And we were like, "Heck, yeah!" It was a really good lesson. The coolest thing about the lesson is that morning we prayed to have the light of Christ with us that day. After the lesson he told us "I can see God in your faces when I look at you." And I was like, "Wow that's cool!"😳
So we finally got a date set, which is great! Then we were supposed to have a meeting with him on Saturday and our ward member forgot where the investigator lived, and we didn't know his address, so we waited for like an hour and then the ward member called and said he was driving around this random neighborhood trying to find him. So it was a mess and we had a hectic evening because that threw off our schedule big time.😂

Another family had us help them move a huge flower fridge that weighed like 10,000 pounds. It was in like 20 pieces and we had to load the whole thing into a UHAUL trailer.😂 Oh man, it was crazy heavy! Then they had us over for dinner and their kids were telling us about how all these people have been dressing up like clowns and luring kids into the woods and killing them. So they showed us all these crazy videos about clowns getting hit by cars and stuff and they want to take us clown hunting on Halloween cuz it will be a P-day haha...😂 I've been carrying a pocket knife with me because Hopkins is kind of sketchy and I've heard there has been some clown sightings in Hopkins and Minnetonka. So hopefully I don't have to use a knife at all...😬

So it's been a great week so far and I'm loving the mission! I think about home a lot, but it feels like Minnesota is becoming my new home.🏡 The work is picking up here, but please pray for us to find new people to teach and soften the hearts of those that have fallen away. I know this is God's work and it will never be stopped. It may go slow, but it is always moving forward.🙌🏽 I love you all and you're always in my prayers!

Much love,
Elder Beach
#10 #MavUp
Reunion with MTC Elders!
Me and my new companion!
Getting ready for the Minnesota winter!

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