Wednesday, May 16, 2018

One more transfer to go!

What’s up to all my fam, friends, and coaches back home, at school, and serving around the world! Hope this finds ya well and enjoying whatever you’re doing.  Transfers are this week and I will be staying in Lake Nokomis for my last transfer, but I will be moving to the North area with Elder Akins! My son, Elder S, will be companions with Elder P and we will all be living in the Murals, so it’ll be a party for our last transfer. The Spanish District got wrecked and I was sad about that because they do super well together and work really hard. I’ll keep it short this week because I got to talk to everyone yesterday for Mother's Day!

So Sunday was Mother’s Day and it was awesome because we got to call home and talk to the fam for a while! It was great to see everyone and hear how you’re doing. I’m so grateful for my mom and grandma. They are the best and have been such great influences on me throughout my life. I’m so blessed to have them in my life. πŸ™Œ We also did a super cool chalk drawing of the Plan of Salvation yesterday as part of our zone finding challenge for the week! See pics below. It was pretty fun! Elder P has the “Bob Ross Song”, so we listened to that before we chalked and then we #Rossed Minneapolis. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We had 2 investigators at church so that was great! M and E came and we talked to them for a while after church. They said we could come over this week!  E is going to have her baby this week, so hopefully we can get there before the baby comes haha. Sunday was a good day! Everyone had to do Mother’s Day calls at different times, so we had those for most of the day and then did some chalking and contacting in between!

Saturday we found out Elder H was the new AP, so we helped him get packed up and ready to go to Bloomington Saturday night. I finished a Mother’s Day movie I made for Mom in the morning, and then Elder P and I biked down to the South part of our area to stop by a new bible referall we got, but they weren’t home. So we biked around and stopped by some less actives and part member families and contacted people outside. It started raining pretty good while we were biking, so my shirt got thrashed with mud haha.πŸ˜… This lady with a baby was out doing yard work, so we stopped to see if we could help her and she’s like, “Why would you want to help?”πŸ˜‚ I was like “Because we like helping people!” She thought that was pretty cool haha, so she took a card and said she might call us later to help with yard work! After dinner we had a lesson with I. We’ve been trying to meet with him for like a month and half and we finally got an appointment set up. We had a way good restoration lesson with him and he had some great questions about prophets. We talked about how we have prophets on earth today and also about the Book of Mormon and personal revelation. He really liked the personal revelation stuff we talked about. He said he wanted to read the Book of Mormon and we also gave him President Nelson’s last 2 conference talks to read! It was sweet.πŸ”₯πŸ’―

Friday we did service at the VA and that was super fun again haha! We made this elaborate painting of a bird with the old dudes, and they actually did really good with it! It was fun to help them out and stuff with it. They’re so funny and such nice guys. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒWe had dinner with the Rs Friday night and had our deep doctrine/conspiracy theory/world news and politics discussion again haha. πŸ˜‚ Elder P says that’s how we minister to Brother R because his kids are crazy so we basically have “bros night” with him on Fridays while his wife watches the kids for a little bit. πŸ˜‚ 

Thursday I don’t remember much, but we had a lesson with the Is and it was really good! We read Mosiah 4 with them and then discussed different points that stuck out to us. The thing that stuck out to me was it talked about how merciful God is to us and literally gives us whatever we ask for if we ask in faith and it’s a righteous desire. King Benjamin relates that to us, how we need to be merciful and serve others and not pick and choose who we serve, but just love everyone and be kind to all! It was a really good chapter. We are gonna focus a lot more on reading the Book of Mormon with our investigators and less actives because it is so powerful!πŸ™ The Book of Mormon is the number one tool we have as missionaries to help with the conversion process. I’m a 100% believer in that. πŸ’―

Wednesday we had a couple of really cool miracles! We were out in Hopkins after district meeting and stopped by this lady we found last week. She wasn’t home and these people were chilling out on their porch next door to her house, so we talked to them and they basically said, “We are Baptist and our grandma is our pastor, so she’s right and you aren’t.” We tried to teach and testify, but they were just being really rude so we were like, “Have a good one!”✌ After that we knocked the rest of the cul-de-sac and found this dude named J. His dad or uncle or something was out smoking and he told us to go away and no one wanted to talk to us. Then J comes out the door and I was like, “Hey! You ever met missionaries from the LDS church before?” He’s like, “No, but I just started reading the Bible.” So we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he was really interested in it. We had a way cool discussion with him on his porch while the grumpy old dude sat there and listened. πŸ˜‚ I wanted to just wink at him when we left but I didn’t haha. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ It was super cool though that we found J! We had dinner with the Hs Wednesday night and Brother H made “Juicy Lucy’s” for us. They’re like half pound burgers with cheese melted on the inside of the patty. They were super good! And we had a good gospel discussion with them. Sister H and their daughter came to church but Brother H has only come to church like once since we’ve been here, so we've got to keep working on him. πŸ‘Œ

Tuesday we had a challenge to knock 25 doors, so Elder P and I did some tracting and one of the first doors we knocked on this lady answers and she’s Vietnamese. However, she’s FaceTiming her daughter who speaks English, so we taught the lady who answered the door through her daughter on FaceTime haha. πŸ˜‚ It was really weird, but it worked and she said we could come back, so we are in the process of finding some Vietnamese speaking people. πŸ˜… We met a few more cool people while we were tracting and gave out like 4 Books of Mormon, so it was fun!  We had dinner with the Bs and it was super good. They just made a bunch of appetizers and it was sweet! After that we had a lesson with Brother G and read Enos with him and talked about prayers and receiving revelation for ourselves. He had all these super random questions about there being 19 apostles in Acts. So we read over it and it said they called like 7 disciples to help run the church. It was super weird haha. He was saying some crazy stuff. πŸ˜‚ Pretty interesting. Brother G is awesome, though. He’s always the swaggiest guy at church. πŸ˜Ž

Monday we had zone p day and played volleyball and football and I had a blast playing football. The Hermanas were good sports and played football too, and it was way fun! I’m excited to play this fall haha. πŸˆ Monday night we had a lesson with E, and he told us he got mugged on his way home from work and they took his phone, wallet, and paycheck, so he basically got screwed and had no money or way to contact anyone. We talked about how we can find peace through reading the Book of Mormon. We also gave him a blessing to help him out and he really appreciated it and said he felt way better after! 

It’s been a great week! I’m excited to get this final transfer underway! It’s been a ride here in the MMM and I’m ready to finish it off strong. πŸ’ͺ It was awesome to see my family yesterday. I’m so grateful for you and all you do to support me as a missionary! Love you guys! 

Much love,
Elder Beach


"Rossing" Minneapolis!

Our Plan of Salvation chalk drawing.

Good food = Good mission!

We took a double picture with our iPads.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Interesting week to say the least!

What’s up to all my family, friends, and coaches back home, at school, and serving around the world! Hope y’all are doing well and enjoying the beautiful spring weather and the amazing sunshine I haven’t seen for like 6 months haha. πŸ˜Ž This week was pretty good! Lots of interesting stories to report on and lots of laughs as well haha. So.... here we go:

Monday was P day and we played some volleyball and threw the football around at the church! It was super fun this week. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒWe had some really good volleyball games, so it was great. I love playing on the front against #Eder P so I can block all his spikes. πŸ˜‰ It was really fun. Probably one of the better P days we’ve had in a while. After that we took the North Elders shopping and then we had to do some stuff to get ready for MLC. So we spent a good hour just texting people to get numbers, goals for the next month, and putting it all into spreadsheets for MLC reports. We also finished the zone focus for May and it is sweet! I’ll put a picture of it in this email so you can check it out. πŸ’―

Tuesday we had MLC in Bloomington! It was a much better MLC than usual. When we did our problem/address the problem portion of MLC, we actually accomplished something this time instead of just adding more problems to the original problem. πŸ˜‚ That’s how last month's MLC was.  We also got the opportunity to share our “departing testimonies” because they usually have the missionaries going home share theirs at Zone Conference. For the next Zone Conference it will be a Mission Conference with a General Authority coming, so President just had all the departing missionaries share their testimonies at MLC. It was really bittersweet to see so many people that came out with me and now we are all almost done. πŸ˜’ It was sweet to see how much our testimonies and hearts have changed since we were in the MTC though! One thing we also did at MLC that was really cool was we talked about setting a mission goal for monthly baptisms and everyone will focus on that goal. We prayed as an entire mission leadership council and came to a unanimous decision that 20 baptisms was a good goal that was achievable. The spirit was super strong and it was amazing that over 30 missionaries all came to the same conclusion of 20 baptisms. Revelation is so cool.πŸ”₯ After MLC we drove out to Waconia to blitz their area overnight. I worked with Elders R and H. They are both super cool young Elders. I had a blast with them! We found this really cool dude named F. He was out working in his yard, so we stopped to offer some help! He was so excited that we stopped to help haha. He said he was done working for the day (it was like 8:15 pm) but he would love some help in the next few days. We talked to him about the restoration of the gospel and gave him a Book of Mormon. He was really interested in coming to church! So I know the Elders were supposed to help him finish his yard work, but I’m not sure what happened after that. I’ll have to find out. πŸ™Œ We also had a super funny dinner with all 5 Elders at the A's house. πŸ˜‚ Sister A has no filter whatsoever, and she is hilarious. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wednesday morning was district meeting and interviews for the Waconia District so we drove out to district meeting and it went really well! After that we stopped by some less actives and former investigators in Hopkins and St. Louis Park. We talked to this African dude who was a born again Christian or something like that. He said he wouldn’t take a Book of Mormon because the Bible was the only book of scripture on earth. He also said all you have to do is believe to be saved. Then his wife comes out and starts giving us her two cents, too. We both shared some scriptures from the Bible and Book of Mormon about being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost. Then they told us we needed to repent and accept Christ as our Savior so we were both pretty fed up at this point and just walked away before we said something stupid haha. πŸ˜… Some people are frustrating..... we did a few more stop bys after that and then headed back to our apartment to put all our stuff away from exchanges and pick up the North Elders for dinner with Sister W and the Abstans Sisters. So this dinner was seriously the coolest miracle this week! We got there and only B was there (she’s not a member of the church but wants to be) so we talked to her about baptism and reading the Book of Mormon and just got to know her a little bit. We were there for almost an hour before Sister W and A (B’s sister who is a member) showed up. This guy named E came with them and he is friend with Sister W. She has known him for like 3 years and she told us she’s been waiting for the ideal opportunity to introduce him to the church. So E had met the North Elders like 5 months ago at Taco Bell. And then we had dinner with him! We taught him an awesome restoration lesson and he had so many cool life experiences that have perfectly prepared him to accept the gospel! Like his best friend's name is Joseph Smith. Go figure. πŸ˜‚ It was so cool! He told us he wanted to come to church, but he worked on Saturday night super late. We told him if he read the Book of Mormon, God would provide a way for him to come to church. So he started reading Wednesday night, called us Friday morning and said his boss gave him Sunday off! It was a miracle. πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯ Then he didn’t come to church, so that sucked. πŸ˜­

Thursday morning we had Lake Nokomis District Meeting and then we started weekly planning after lunch. Oh! Brother A and the Buffalo Elders came and took us to Tepanyaki for lunch! Haha Brother A is so funny! He called President and got it approved and everything. πŸ˜‚ He’s doing well and it was good to see him! We had this bible referral named I, and we had a lesson set up with him at 3 pm. We texted him to make sure it was still good to come over. He’s like “Nah, I’m working.” Then he starts telling us God hates us because we are white and God was black. We were like, “Dude, it doesn’t say that anywhere in scripture that God is black.” Then he sends us all these random scriptures about random things that have nothing to do with anything. Then he’s like, “Do you honestly believe that there was a group of people in the ancient Americas called Mormons?” Peterson just went off on him at that point because the dude is making the dumbest comments. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It was so dumb haha. I felt like I lost brain cells talking to the dude, but it is what it is haha. After that we had a zone finding hour and we met some pretty cool people! We met this lady named C who grew up in Vermont and her best friend was Mormon. She said she was super busy at the moment we knocked on her door, but that we could come back in a few weeks and teach her family! She also had no clue the church was like a mile from her house haha. So she thought that was sweet, too.πŸ‘Œ After that we had some dinner at the apartment and then commenced weekly planning.

Friday morning we had the Spanish district meeting and it was good! After that we headed to the VA for service. We had a Cinco De Mayo party with the guys and made salsa and guacamole with them and did a piΓ±ata! Elder H and I held the piΓ±ata and almost got whacked in the face a few times haha. πŸ˜‚ It was super fun though! We had a blast with the old guys haha. πŸ˜‚ After that we headed over to the Ss and helped them put in a rock path in their backyard. We dug out sod, dug it down, filled it with base filler and then put the rocks on it. Brother S likened it unto a POW camp doing hard labor, but it wasn’t that hard. πŸ˜‚ Anyway, it looked really good when we finished. We got most of it done!

Saturday morning we finished helping the Ss with the path and got it all done! It looked super good and we were proud of our handiwork. πŸ™Œ See pics below.πŸ‘‡After that we helped Brother P load up a UHaul truck and move his stuff because he is moving to North Dakota, I’m pretty sure. We stopped at a gas station to get drinks before we went to the Ps and these black ladies came in and were like 5 people behind us in line to get fountain drinks. I was filling my drink up and they’re like, “Oh my gosh! Can’t they see there's people in line? They need to hurry up! Oh my gosh!” I wanted to just be like, “Shut up! Wait for freaking 30 seconds.” Man they were being so rude. None of us said anything but I was like man.....πŸ˜‘ After that we headed home and showered and headed to the church to have dinner with the Gs and Sister P, the Mission Secretary. It was super good! We had ham, sweet potato fries and fresh fruit! It was awesome. Sister P made me this sugar free cinnamon apple jello stuff for dessert that was super yummy, too. πŸ˜‹ After that we did some contacting in the MLK Park and talked to D again! He’s like, “I haven’t read the Book of Mormon yet. I just don’t know if it’s true or what church is true and i just found out I have lung cancer and need to stop smoking.” So guess what? We just testified that if he read the Book of Mormon every day, he would be able to stop smoking. He was like, “I don’t know...” So we were like, “D, what do you have to lose? We promise that if you read the Book of Mormon each day, you will have the spirit more in your life and be able to overcome smoking.” He said, “Alright! I’ll start reading it.” So that was pretty cool! He also said he might check out church soon. After that we went with the North Elders to basketball. πŸ€ That was super fun and we had some good games.πŸ‘Œ

Sunday was such a weird day. So E didn’t show up to church, but we ended up having 2 part member families come to church, so that was sweet! We also got a new Bishop and Relief Society President. Bishop B is the new Bishop and Brother B and S are the counselors. I’m excited to work with them! The North Elders are teaching this guy named TM,  and he’s getting baptized on May 19th, so we got to talk to him a lot on Sunday and he’s way cool! Super nice guy.  After church we met with Bishop B and discussed some members to work with and how we can work with ward council better in the ministering efforts. Then we had “linner” with the Cs. I love them, they are so sweet haha. πŸ˜‚ We had taco salad and it was pretty good! After that we were suppposed to meet with a Bible referral we got, so we dropped the North Elders off and then hurried over there and we called him right when we got there and he’s like, “I’ll call you back in a second.” So we waited for like 10 minutes and texted him and he’s like, “Oh I’m busy right now. Sorry.” So we went to this super ghetto Native American place called Little Earth to stop by a part member family. They weren’t home, but we were able to help their next door neighbor carry in some groceries. So that was cool that they actually accepted our help haha. πŸ˜‚ We went back and got in the car and this lady with blue lipstick comes over to us. So we roll down the window and she looks at our name tags and is like, “You need to stay out of here. We don’t need you white people around here. We have our own creator. Go to another neighborhood.” Elder P was like, “We are stopping by a member of our church who lives right there.” She’s like, “Stay out. You guys are being predatory and we don’t need your bibles in here. And tell your Jesus to give us back our land.” Then she made some super racist comments, so Elder P goes, “Have a good one! Thanks for being racist!” She flipped out and started charging the car so we just peeled out and drove away really quick. πŸ˜… Not the best moment of the day haha. Then we see these three guys with a weed American flag marching down the street to support the legalization of marijuana. The dude like came up to my window and starts yelling facts about weed at me. I was like, “Dude, I don’t care!”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It was so weird. Then we stopped by the Ss and we were there for like 2 hours. They can talk, my goodness. πŸ˜‚ We got the whole life story again haha. After that we did like 3 more stop bys and almost ran over a Somalian dude who ran in front of our car. There was a YSA devotional at 7 pm so we headed home about 7:30 pm to catch the tail end of it. We get home and the WiFi in the community room isn't working. πŸ˜‘ Elder P and I were just like, “Man, that’s the cherry on top.” So we ate dinner because we were starving and did numbers and then Sunday night sauna.πŸ”₯😎 It was super nice!

Well, it’s been an interesting week here in “Lake N’Chaos” as it has been called before haha. I’m really enjoying my mission and just love serving others and helping them see how great the restored gospel is. It makes me sad when people won’t take seriously what we offer or just think they have it all already. I’m grateful for what I do have and for the joy and happiness it brings me and my family! I’m grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day say Saints, and I’m so grateful for all that entails! Have a great week, smile, be happy! Love life, serve others and thank Heavenly Father for all your blessings. I’m so truly blessed to have all I do! Thanks for the prayers and support. They help out so much on the tough days!

Much love,
Elder Beach
#MavUp #10

Lovin' the mission!

Cinco de Mayo at the VA!

My new boots!

Golf, anyone?