Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Hello to all my family, friends and coaches back home, at college, and serving the Lord around the world. Hope this email finds you all doing well and enjoying the beautiful fall time of year! It is so awesome here in Minnesota and I am loving it! So I got a call from the AP's Sunday night that I was being released from Zone Leading and I will be finishing Elder L's training in the Hutchinson Branch which is still in the St. Cloud Zone. I am really excited to work with Elder L, he is a great dude and super fun! I am sad to leave Elder M. We are clicking on all cylinders right now and the work is going so well in Sauk Rapids. I am positive he will continue our hot streak though because he is a stud!💪

On Monday we did some laundry, threw the football around, emailed. It was a pretty normal P-day, so no complaints from me! The C's made us dinner and it was super good! It was grilled chicken fajitas with grilled onions and peppers. So good! 😋 After dinner we knocked doors for about an hour and it was a little chilly haha. ❄ We knocked this rich area in Sartell and literally no one wanted to talk to us except one lady named L. She is from West Africa and moved to Maryland a while back and had met missionaries there. She invited us back for a lesson on Thursday morning, so we were pretty stoked to find her!💯 After that we had a lesson with LJ and Brother P. Brother P is like the nicest guy and just makes you feel like 100 times better about yourself and just gets you pumped up to do hard things. He really made LJ feel like he was an all star and it was a great lesson. I am so sad to leave LJ and this ward. 😢 I've really grown to love the people here. Anyway, our lesson was great with LJ and we finished up the 10 commandments and started the Word of Wisdom.

Tuesday, we did some Facebook work in the morning and sent all our investigators and less actives different quotes and clips from General Conference. I have really enjoyed having Facebook for that purpose of getting in contact each day with people we work with and help them know we are always there for them and we care about them! After that we had a lesson with J and we watched the talk, "The Priesthood and the Savior's Atoning Power" by Elder Renlund with him. He really liked it! We talked about the Priesthood and how J literally holds the power of accessing Christ's atoning power and through his Priesthood, he helps unlock that atoning power through Priesthood ordinances such as baptism and the sacrament. He seemed to really get it and it clicked for him and he agreed to bless the sacrament this week, so that was awesome!🙌 J has progressed so much since I got here, it's been so cool to see! After that we had a lesson with this lady who lives next door to J and S. Her mom has been going through chemo for pancreatic cancer and we were able to talk about the restoration of the Priesthood and how we know about the spirit world and how she can be with her mom and family forever through temple sealings. One thing we talked about that was really cool was about how God gives each of us trials in our lives, but the purpose of those trials is to make us stronger and bring us closer to him. She totally agreed with that and said she had seen that in her own mother's life. It was really cool and Elder M also got to talk to her husband for like 20 minutes about hockey. He told me he totally winged it, but it seemed like he knew what he was talking about haha.😂 After that we drove down to Becker to knock some doors. We had prayed about a street to knock, so we get to this street and knock the whole street and there was one person home. One! 😱 It was insane haha. So we got done knocking the whole street in like 30 minutes and we had planned like a little over an hour to knock. So we just decided to start walking down this street and go wherever we felt inspired to go. So we eventually found our way to this cul-de-sac street thingy and we knocked all 5 doors on it and found 2 new investigators!! It was so crazy! 😂 The first lady was named S, and she was just letting her dogs out to go pee, so once again, I played with the dogs and Elder M taught the restoration! We are quite the pair with that!👌 Then the next door we knocked this lady named A comes out with this huge Rottweiler named Otis! Basically a similar thing happened haha. Otis was so happy to see us he peed all over my foot and got drool all over Elder M's pants so it looked like he peed his pants too. 😂😂 So A had actually investigated the LDS church on her own and knew a ton about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. She had never met missionaries before and she was way interested in talking to us. We talked to her for about 20 minutes and set up a return appointment for Monday. That was a miracle if I ever saw one haha!🙏 We stopped by D after that and had a good chat with him on his porch. He said he just got a new job and was super busy getting settled in with that. He said he kept the Book of Mormon we gave him on his night stand and always had intentions of reading it but would konk out before he ever did. We re-invited him to read it and promised him it would bless his life and bring peace and joy and hope to him and his family. He said once work slows down a little bit he will for sure read it! Our dinner fell through, so we went to Subway because they have $4.99 footlongs for certain subs. Subway is my fav. It's pretty healthy for fast food, and it's only $5 so you can't lose there. After that we did some stop bys of people who live way out in the sticks in Big Lake and Becker and no one answered/was home etc. We stopped by MK on the way home and he was out working on a car in his garage. We had a good talk with him about coming to church and why we go to church and the importance of the sacrament. He seemed indifferent to it all, which made me sad because church is so awesome and is such a spiritual recharge for my week. I love Sacrament Meeting and church. I hope one day he will realize that is what is missing in his life and it will bless him so much!

Wednesday morning we had district meeting and I got to give a training about faith and I loved studying for it and giving it. I learned so much about faith. I can really see why it is the first principle of the gospel. Without faith, we really have no drive or power to do anything. Faith in Christ and his atonement are what motivate us to repent and improve and change ourselves to become better. After that we went to campus and did some contacting. Not a whole lot of success, but it was fun and the weather was great!🍁🍂☀ After that we did a few stop bys and then did some tracting. Tracting was an adventure! We found this older gentleman named JP. His dad was in WWII with a Mormon and so he grew up listening to the MOTAB and loves Mormons. He is Lutheran though, and has no desire to convert, but he let us right in and gave Elder M some brownies (I am still not eating desserts and junk food haha), and gave me some apple cider that was way good! He was such a nice guy and after he talked with us we raked his leaves for him! It was pretty solid because we only knocked for like 20 minutes and then found him haha.  After that we had some dinner and then had a lesson with Sister S and her kids. Her husband is out of town for a few weeks and they just moved in, so we got asked to take some members by to visit them. We took Brother P with us and they seemed to hit it off pretty quick. While we were talking, one brother locked the other brother in the pots and pans cupboard under the bar and couldn't get him out, so he started crying because he thought he would be stuck in there forever.  😂😂 I was trying so hard not to laugh because it was pretty funny. They are crazy kids haha. We shared a message about the Book of Mormon and invited them to follow our prophets' and apostles' counsel given in the past 2 general conferences to read and study the Book of Mormon every day. It was good, and they said they would start doing that because it has been slacking a little bit. After that we had the stake report meeting and that was good and we got some things to talk to EQPs about and WMLs about how to help the work progress in each area. So that was good and after that we called it a night!

Thursday morning was an adventure! We accounted with Alexandria and then had a lesson with L, who we found on Monday night. So we get there and she lets us right in and we sit down to teach her and she's like, "Ok, teach me what is different about your church." So we start teaching about the restoration and when we come to the Book of Mormon she pulls out the Revelations scripture about how you can't add or take away from the book. We talked about how it says that in Deuteronomy 4 as well and that nearly every religious scholar today agrees on the fact that that scripture is talking about the book of Revelations and not the Bible as a whole. She didn't seem satisfied with that unfortunately, so we just said, "Look, read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask God if it is His word. He isn't going to lead you astray with this and you will feel if it is the word of God." I love that about the Book of Mormon. You literally can feel the power of it as you read. Anyone who has sincerely read it and asked God has received an answer that yes, it is true. I have never met a single person who has taken that course of action and received a "No" for an answer. So if you really want to know if it's true or not, maybe try that out for yourself!😉 Just a thought! After that we went to go visit this lady named SH who is a ,devout Catholic, but used to live in Utah and Idaho and has a ton of Mormon friends. We had visited her before and she wasn't too stoked to see us. One of her friends had called Bishop M and asked us to go give her a Priesthood blessing because she's been having a lot of medical troubles recently. So we showed up and she brought us in and sat us down and basically said we were barking up the wrong tree if we were trying to convert her. Elder M was like, "We got a call from a friend of yours to give you a Priesthood blessing of comfort and healing. That's the only reason we came here today." After he said that, she was basically our best friend and was overjoyed to have us give her a blessing. I got to give the blessing and it was really cool. I felt God's love for her and knew she has a great amount of faith to be healed and just a great amount of faith in general. It was a cool experience for me once again and further strengthened my testimony of Priesthood blessings. She was very thankful we stopped by to do that for her and I am grateful we were able to serve her in that way. 😁 After that we had lunch really quick and headed to the Humane Society to do service. We were on dishwasher duty again, but it was fun and we had a good time joking around and quoting our favorite movies haha. 😂 Time flies when you make things fun! We knocked doors for about 45 minutes after that because our lesson with A fell through when we got there. She had been having a rough day and was asleep when we arrived, so we just knocked this newer development that was super nice and upper class. We met a really nice lady, a really mean lady who told us we didn't believe in Christ and so we set her straight on that one haha, and this other dude who was pretty nice and took a BOM from us. So it was pretty fun and it was a beautiful day to be out and about. We were supposed to have dinner with the Cs, and they cancelled on the doorstep because they had like 12 dogs at their house and had family over. So... we went to Subway! Once again, 10 outta 10. We had a lesson with the D family, who live a quarter mile from the Princeton/Sauk Rapids boundary. They have a huge property and some farm animals and stuff. It is really cool and I would love to live out on a ranch like they have and just have a ton of land to explore and camp and have a good time on. We had a really good chat with them and Brother D showed us his canoe he built from scratch. It was really nice and I was amazed at how well it was made. I also found out Sister D is Type 1 Diabetic, so we got to talk about that for a while, too. That was a good connection with her.👌 They are a cool family, and I am really glad we got to go out there and visit them! After them we had a lesson with the Ss. I love the S family. We showed the Mormon message, "Same Jersey" about the rival QB's who had their rivalry game on Friday and then the one baptized the other the next day. Their son talked about a friend he had who had invited him to go to church with him. We told him that it would be cool to check out his friend's church and then bring his friend to church with him, too! I have enjoyed visiting other churches and getting a feel for what others believe and how they worship. Nothing beats Sundays at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints though. The spirit there is so strong and so real. I love it! 

Friday we weekly planned and then had a lesson with C on campus. We read 2 Nephi 31 and talked about what the gospel of Jesus Christ is. I love that the Book of Mormon clearly defines what the doctrine or gospel of Jesus Christ is. It is so easy to teach from it and I love using the scriptures to teach others the gospel. We asked her if she came to know the Book of Mormon was true and Joseph Smith was God's prophet on earth, what would she do? She said, "Well, probably get baptized, I guess." We talked about how to get an answer and invited her to be baptized by the Priesthood authority of God. She was like, "So if I get baptized, will I have to convert?" We were like, "Uh, yeah!" She's like, "Oh... I am a Catholic." So we talked about how there's only one true church on the earth and how if you come to know one is true, then you should probably join it! She seemed to get it but was still hesitant. I think she is just scared of the change that would bring about in her life. She isn't actively going to any Catholic church right now, but it would be a change from everything she grew up with. I take that for granted sometimes and wonder, "If someone asked me to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it was true, would I do it? If I got the answer yes it is true, would I have the faith to join God's church on the earth?" I feel that at this point in my life I would say yes, because the gospel has brought me so much peace and happiness and hope and I feel like without it I would be so lost.  I would basically just be existing and that is not what I want. I feel like I am living with the gospel in my life and not just here and going through life. That is something that is so cool to see when people fully embrace the gospel and it helps them live life more fully, rather than just exist. It is so cool. I love that about the gospel!🙌 After that we had dinner at our place and then went to stop by KS and all the people in her house. She was home and so was her boyfriend and another roomie, T. T is from Beaver, UT, and is a less active member as well. K seems to really love having us come over! Her boyfriend was sick so he passed out on the couch and we and T and D played this way fun card game that is similar to bridge but a little different. We shared some of Elder Anderson's talk "The Voice of the Lord" with them and invited them to go back through the conference talks and find things that they need to improve on and apply that in their lives. It was really good and I am glad we could get in there with them again finally! After that we had a lesson with LJ and it was insane. We reviewed the Word of Wisdom and he told us he couldn't stop drinking coffee. When we asked him why, he just kind of got mad and started yelling about how he just couldn't and he never would stop. We just talked him through ideas of how he could stop and most importantly, that if he really wanted to, God would help him stop! After a while he settled down and eventually said, "Guys, I am going to stop drinking coffee!" That was cool to hear him say that. I really hope he can continue to progress in his ability to understand the gospel and feel the spirit. He really has the desire, I just don't know how much he understands. But he seems to be doing good for the time being. He kept getting up and walking around and yelling, "W!! W! These guys want to talk to you!" Basically whenever we ask him if he can come to church he yells for W and we talk to W about it haha😂 W is the staff member at the group home. Anyway, always a good time there haha.

Saturday morning we helped Brother H with the roof on his trailer for about 2 hours. We cut out over hanging edges and built the pieces of the overhang thing he is building onto his trailer. It was fun and we had a good time. We got to practice our measure and drilling skills and stuff like that so it was fun! After that we stopped by a few people in St. Cloud and then knocked doors on the same street we found J on. We only knocked like 6 houses so we figured we should go finish the street. We gave out like 3 Books of Mormon and found this super nice dude who said we could come back this Saturday (but I won't be here😢). This one door we knocked on this dude comes to the door and proceeds to tell us we are going to hell because we don't believe Jesus Christ is God. I asked him why we were going to hell for that? He's like, "Because Jesus can't save you if you don't believe in Him!" I was like, "Look dude, we believe in Jesus Christ just like you. We just know He is the Son of God and not some part of God that morphs into Jesus." He wasn't too stoked about that and just went off yelling at us, and I let Elder M take over because I usually get too heated in Bible bashes, and Elder M does better at keeping his cool haha. 😂 Then J comes up behind us and is like, "You should listen to these two strapping young men! They're good guys!" I almost died because the dude yelling at us had no clue what to say. He was just like dumbfounded haha.😂😂 J then turns to us and says, "Come over when you're done teaching this guy and meet my wife!" Then he left and the guy yelling at us was like, "Uh... have a nice day." And shut the door haha. So we went over to meet J's wife and she was super nice and we also helped them a little bit with finishing raking their yard. So that was cool! J also gave us these really nice wind proof and water proof jackets he was going to give to Goodwill but just gave them to us for no charge! Such a nice guy! 👌 After that we went up to Rice and had a lesson with the Ds and we read the end of Ether 2 and the start of Ether 3 with them and talked about how we need to do our part when we pray, not just sit around and hope God will do everything for us! It was pretty good! After that we had a lesson with the S's family. We shared a message about "Christian Courage" and it was pretty good! Brother S didn't join in on the lesson, but he came to church on Sunday, so that was good! Sister S called us after we left and said he just feels like he doesn't have anyone to talk to because he is really shy and that he likes snowmobiling, baseball, and video games. So on Sunday, I talked to him after Sacrament Meeting about snowmobiling. I know next to nothing, but I just asked him a lot of questions about where he snowmobiles and if he does races or jumps them and stuff like that. He really opened up and talked to me for like 10 minutes, so that was way cool! I hope some others can be able to fellowship him and become his friend. We had a lesson with Sister H and Brother C came with us after the Ss. They ended up talking about the Plan of Salvation, and it was exactly what we had planned to teach her about. Many tears were shed and the spirit was so strong there as they talked about losing their spouses and how they had found so much peace through the knowledge of God's plan for us. It was really cool, and we literally just sat there for an hour and listened to them talk and enjoyed the spirit. I learned sometimes the best teaching is to let others teach and talk. 💯🙌 It was great and she loved it! After that we had our coordination meeting with Brother C, and he did our apartment inspection, too. He said it was the cleanest he had ever seen the apartment since he started doing inspections for the Elders, so that was good haha. 😂

Sunday was awesome as usual! We knocked some doors in the morning and found some pretty solid people we have return appointments with for next Sunday. Tracting is so fun because we always seem to find someone who is interested! This one guy answered the door and was like, "I'm Lutheran and I ain't interested." I literally just started teaching about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and how we have prophets on the earth today. When I finished,he's like, "Can I have one of those books?" I was like, "Of course!" So we gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a return visit for next Sunday. We also got to talk about the Vikings game a little because they were playing when we knocked on his door haha. 🏈 Church was awesome! The only investigator to show up was DS, but I really enjoyed Sacrament Meeting and all the lessons. Elder M and I got to bless the sacrament, and it was such a neat experience for me! I love participating in Priesthood ordinances and helping others receive the power of the Savior's atonement through those ordinances. After church we had dinner with the Ps and they made some way good pot roast and carrots and this huge salad. I had like 4 plates of salad and it was super good! We shared the Mormon message "Reach Out With Love" and invited them to reach out to a friend or neighbor in the ward or not of our faith and help them come closer to Christ by sharing their love with them. Charity is such an important attribute and when we show others charity, we also help them feel the love that God and Jesus Christ has for them. We then had a lesson with the O family! They are so cool. I am glad we could visit them this week. We hadn't seen them at church for a while, so we decided to visit them and see how they were doing. It was a good visit and great to just bring the spirit into their home and help them feel it. That is my favorite thing to do with members is just help them feel the spirit and invite them to do something to share that spirit and keep it with them. I love it! Having the spirit with us is seriously so awesome!🙏 We had a lesson with F after that. She has been struggling with her exchange student. Her exchange student has been telling a bunch of lies to people about F and her family and making them seem like they are mistreating her. But they aren't, so F has been stressing about it, so we actually read Moroni 7:44-48 and talked about charity and how to develop it. It was a great lesson, and I hope we helped her realize how she can have more charity in her life even when it is hard to do so!

This week has been so amazing. So many miracles here in Sauk Rapids. I am sad to leave and I will really miss working with Elder M. He has taught me a lot, and I have learned a ton about being a more patient, loving leader from him. It's been a blessing to serve around him, and I am glad I can still be in the same zone with him though! When we had our lesson with F, as we were reading about charity, one verse really stuck out to me for some reason. I have read these verses probably 50 times, but this verse stuck out in particular to me: 
 46 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, if ye have not charity, ye are nothing, for charity never faileth. Wherefore, cleave unto charity, which is the greatest of all, for all things must fail—
47 But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever; and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.

Charity is one of the most important Christlike attributes we can develop. Without it, we are nothing. That is something I realized this week. That's what the gospel is all about. We have it because a loving Father in Heaven wants us to be happy and return to Him. As we live it, we increase in that Christ-like love and desire others to have the love and happiness we feel. And we leave our homes and lives for two years because of our love for God and our fellowmen and our desire for them to have the blessings of the Gospel. Charity is awesome, and I would highly encourage studying it and applying what you learn. That is something I have worked on my whole mission and will continue to work on for the rest of my life. You can never go wrong with charity, or the pure love of Christ!

Thanks for all the prayers and support. I seriously need them and feel them every day. I appreciate them so much. Congrats to my Bobcats for winning region! Bring home the state title this year! Congrats to my Mavs as well for taking it to Dixie on the road!💯🏈 Can't wait to suit up there next fall! Love you all and hope you have a blessed week full of miracles!

Much love,
Elder Beach
#MavUp #10

We got to play tennis with our friend before he had to go to school.

Our friend, G, made us a Korean lunch!

Our Korean lunch G made!  Yum!

Helping Brother H with his roof.


P-day morning celebrating 4 months together with pancakes and a workout!

We love teaching F!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Working Hard!

A big hello to all my family, friends, and coaches back home, at college, and serving around the world. I hope this email finds you happy and well! This week has been a busy week as usual, and I’ve learned a lot and we’ve seen some cool miracles. 😎

Monday we had zone p-day at an America Ninja Warrior training facility in Buffalo that a member owns, so they let our whole zone come mess around and have a good time there for the day. I got to back squat heavyish for the first time in forever. I am not nearly at the strength I was at before my mission, but I’m happy to report I wasn’t nearly as sore as I thought I would be the day after. 😛 So that was good. I also learned pegboards are fun and so are rope climbs, and I can do both of those pretty well. I’m not good at salmon ladders or warped walls though. 😂😂 It was really a fun day and I’m glad the zone could spend it together! After that we drove with the Elk River Sisters down to the Anoka Zone to blitz with the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders down there for the night because we had Mission Leader Council the next day in Bloomington. We hung out with the Medicine Lake Elders so that was pretty fun. Elder B and H are so funny, and we had a party.😂 

Tuesday was MLC and it was actually really good this month! I learned a lot and have a lot of things I learned that I need to work on as a ZL. I was very happy with the trainings and what we discussed. We talked about doing exchanges and the things that absolutely need to happen. Elder M and I realized we didn’t do a lot of them haha, so fortunately for us we had an exchange with the Buffalo Elders planned for the next day, so that was good so we could work on stuff with them. Ok so after MLC we had a little funny story I would love to tell you all about. 😂😂😂 We drove Buffalo’s car down to MLC because apparently they were supposed to get a new Tiwi (this box in your car that yells at you when you drive too fast or peel out and whatnot). So we get to MLC and the APs are like, “Oh, actually the Tiwi Guy isn’t coming today.” So then things get interesting with rides back up to everywhere. So the St. Cloud Sisters got a flat tire Sunday night driving to Elk River (don’t know why they were going to Elk River in the first place). So they called us like 3 times Sunday night, but we had lessons and training evaluations so we didn’t call them back until like 10 pm. They’re like, “Hey Elders! We are in Becker with a flat tire. Could you call some members and see if they could help us?” So come to find out, they had been sitting there for over an hour and the only people they had called was us, the vehicle coordinator in Bloomington, and the Elk River Sisters. So anyway, a cop shows up finally and helps them change the tire and they get on their way. So the next morning they realize they had another flat tire, and so they take it in to get looked at and they have a bent rim or something so they have to put the car in the shop until like Friday. 😂 So they’re in Elk River with no car. So back to after MLC. So we drive the Elk River Sisters back to Elk River and pick up the St. Cloud Sisters to drive them back up to St. Cloud with us. But, we had to switch our car back with Buffalo before then, so that was a whole fiasco and Elder M pretty much had a mental breakdown while sitting at a train crossing waiting for it, and he just was going insane and I was too kinda, and we were just like laughing and crying and being goobers and it was pretty funny, but ya had to be there obviously. 😂😂😂 It was pretty funny and the hardest I’ve laughed in a good while haha. So we finally got our car switched with Buffalo and got home at like 7 pm. We were supposed to have a 7 pm dinner, but it fell through so we just went home and ate some food really quick and then met Brother C at the church to go have a lesson with LJ. The lesson went really well and he loved Brother C. They got to meet at the Priesthood session of conference, so we invited Brother C to joint teach with us! We taught LJ the 10 commandments with hand signs, and he thought it was pretty neat.👌He’s doing pretty good but definitely gotta take it slow with him and review A LOT!😂 

Wednesday we had our exchange with Buffalo and it was pretty good! I went with Elder H up in Sauk Rapids and Elder M went with Elder S in Buffalo. We did some Facebook work and then knocked doors for about an hour for zone finding hour. We didn’t really find anyone solid, but had some really solid discussions with a few people on their porches so that was good. 😁 After we had a lesson set up with T and her kids (lady that Elder M and I found last week that had the inquisitive son), so we got there and her husband basically shut it down. He came out to talk to us and was like, “Yeah I’ve talked to Mormons before. I really appreciate what you guys are doing, so keep up the good work!” I was like, “So we talked to your wife and kids last week and they said we could come by today and share some more with them. Is that cool with you if we do?” He proceeds to basically say the exact same thing so I was like, “Is now a bad time? Could we come by later?” He again proceeds to basically tell us he appreciates our work and to keep up the good work. 😑 So I was a little upset he couldn’t seem to give us a straight answer, so I was just like, “Alright my man! Thanks for your support and we will come by another time.” So we left and plan on stopping by again when the husband isn’t home haha. 😏😂 After that the S family had signed up to feed us dinner, but Brother S was out of town for work, so they told us to stop by and pick up some money for dinner. So we get there and knock on the door and Sister S comes out to talk to us and give us the money for dinner. Then her twin boys come out and shut the door behind them. So apparently their door was locked and so they were completely locked out of the house. Every single door was locked and Sister S didn’t have her keys or phone or anything. So we tried every single door to no avail and finally Elder H was able to credit card lock pick the back garage door and get them into the garage. The garage door to the house was dead bolted shut so we got them into the garage but not the house. 😂😂 They finally got some neighbors to help them out and call someone who had a key. 😂 Pretty funny though, haha. We had some Subway for dinner and it was good as always. 😋 After dinner Brother R took us up to Little Falls for a lesson with BK and the D’s. B’s lesson was a little weird again, and he just kind of argued his opinion of what the sacrament is and why we take it each week. He did say he knows he needs to take it though, and it’s been a while, so he should probably get on it!👍After that we taught the D’s about how the sacrament helps us each week as we partake of it. They asked if they could just do sacrament for themselves at home because they were “too busy to come to church.” We said we would ask the Bishop but we already knew the answer was no. 😂 They seem to let so many little things get in the way of church. Both of them are working part time and say they are so swamped with work they can’t make it. I wanted to say, “So you’re telling me because you work 20 hours a week and are helping someone remodel their house on the side you're too busy to come to church?” It’s seriously just not a priority for them. Elder M said it best: “You’re never too busy to do things that are important to you.” I find that very true. I see people who work 50-60 hours a week and have 5 kids that make it to church every week without fail because they make it a priority in their lives. And they are way happier because God blesses us when we make it a priority to do the things he has asked us to do.🙌It makes me sad they can’t seem to figure that out, but I hope and pray they will soon!

Thursday morning we drove down to Clearwater to switch back companionships and then Elder M and I drove back up to Sauk Rapids. We were supposed to meet J at 2 pm on campus and we got there and he said he waited around for us and then had to leave for class. It was like 2:  when we got there. I was a little sad about that but I learned to be exactly on time. 🕑 As we were walking out of the Atwood building there was this guy sitting on a bench with a pit bull, so we decided to talk to him about his dog and we ended up finding out he knows BS that we met with last Saturday that’s a less active member of the church. So good connection there and he was pretty interested in what we do as missionaries and even said he wanted to be one. 😂 So he followed us on Facebook and we told him we would message him about a time to meet! After that we knocked doors for like 2 hours and gave away some Book of Mormons to people so that was good! Haha cool sorry while knocking doors. We met this kid riding his bike in the street and he asked us who we were and what we were doing? After we told him, he told us to go knock on his door and talk to his mom. So naturally we did. 😂 We knocked on his door and his mom came out and we ended up talking to her for like 15 minutes. She has family who are members of the church and so we ended up teaching her and her son (who is like 7) a basic restoration lesson on their porch and gave them a Book of Mormon and invited them to read it pray about it. She took the book and said they would read it! (They’re Catholic so I don't know if that will happen, but hopefully it does!) haha After we left we got a picture with all the neighborhood kids because they thought we were really cool or weird or something, but they wanted to take a picture with us with their “pet eagle”.  So naturally we obliged and took a picture with their pet eagle. 😂😂 It was fun to be a kid again for like 2 minutes. Growing up is awesome, but it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Like I love it, but sometimes I miss being a kid, where your only worry was what to eat for lunch and what games to play with your buddies. My advice to all people under the age of 18 is to enjoy life and have as much fun as you can with family and friends. Don’t sit around wasting your time with video games and saying, “I wish I was older so I could do X, Y, or Z....” Just love life and enjoy every second! Ok enough of my preaching haha. So after that we drove out to Foley to have dinner with the Cs. It was really good and we read part of Elder Holland’s talk with them called “Be Ye Therefore Perfect - Eventually.” Brother C loved it and said he really needed to hear the message in that talk. I’m so grateful we have modern prophets and apostles to teach us what God needs us to hear. I’m also grateful to the help of the Holy Ghost in our missionary efforts that inspires us to share the words of our prophets and apostles with those we are teaching! It’s awesome! 💯 After that we stopped by R in the actual town of Foley and she wasn’t home unfortunately, so we did a few more stop bys and no luck with those either. 😜 Our area book and area book map apps got a new update and combined into one app, so we decided to go figure out how to use it before weekly planning the next day. It’s nice to have everything in one app, but the calendar part of it I really don’t like. It’s hard to tell what you’re doing when with the new app. Also, the members are different so there’s only members and then you have to add them to a “focus group” if they are less active or you are working with them. It’s a little more confusing and complicated but we are getting the hang of it.👍

Friday we raked leaves for C and mowed part of her lawn because we ran out of gas and she didn’t have any more. She told us she couldn’t come to church this Sunday because the pastor at her church was retiring, so for Sunday services they were just having a big dinner and memorial/tribute party for him at church. I found it odd that that’s what the service was, but it is what it is.  After that we weekly planned and did accounting until 5 pm. It was a little trickier to do weekly planning with the new area book app, but I feel like it forced us to actually plan better so that’s good! After we had dinner we knocked doors for about an hour and a half and found some solid potentials so that was great. 😁 We are going to stop by them again this week! We stopped by a couple less active people in Sartell we had never met, and one of them told us to set something up with his wife. We have actually met him like 2 other times and he says the same thing every time. I wish people would just tell us they’re not interested if they’re not interested. It saves us a lot of time. 😛 Anyway, we did meet this one less active guy who I guess “left” the church in high school but he’s still on the records so we stopped by and he was pretty nice but doesn’t want us stopping by more than once a month and never to share a message with him. He did give us a referral for this elderly couple down the street we might be able to do yard work for so that was cool! After that we had a lesson with LJ and it wasn’t the best lesson we’ve had haha. 😂 He was so out of control. He couldn’t stay focused at all and it was just way scattered. It was like teaching Primary! So Friday ended on kind of a bummer, but it’s all good.😁

Saturday morning we went to see B again. He told us he wouldn’t read the Book of Mormon and is basically just going to wait around to die. He said he prays every day for God to take him home. I feel like that’s kind of a sad way to live your life. I’m guessing the reason we found him was so in the Spirit World he will remember us and the Book of Mormon and all that and be more receptive there. 👌So we probably won’t be seeing B much more unfortunately, but he just isn’t willing to do anything right now. We helped the Sisters' investigator move into a house in St. Cloud and that was fun! It was funny because people from like 4 other churches were there campaigning to get them to their church. I just had to smile and shake my head. I’m a “by their fruits ye shall know them” kinda guy, so I’m hoping that they recognized the LDS missionaries hard at work and being friendly and helpful wherever we could! We did a ton of stop bys and tracting on Saturday afternoon. It was quite warm and I was actually sweating for the first time in a while haha. One of the first doors we knocked on this lady answered and came out to talk with us and she said she had known several Mormons from work and had been introduced to the Book of Mormon by them. She said their family used to be Catholic but left because it was too strict and then they go to a non-denominational church now. She said if she gets a sign from God to push her in the direction of the church then she will check it out. I wanted to say, “God inspired us to come knock your street today. Is that a good enough sign for ya?” But I didn’t because I don’t know how to say that nicely haha. 😅 It’s all good though! One day she’ll figure it out. After that we did a Facebook messenger with A. Her mom was in the hospital so she couldn’t meet with us. Her mom had a stroke, so we talked to A and shared some of W. Christopher Waddell’s talk from conference about turning to the Lord in our trials. She liked it, and I’m hoping she can start to apply the gospel and see the fruits of peace and hope it brings. It was a good “lesson” haha - our first one over Facebook messenger just doing DMs. After that we had dinner with Sister K and she made some really good lemon pepper chicken. 😋 After that we had a lesson with F and Brother C at the church. F got to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead for her first time on Saturday, so we talked about how that went and then reviewed highlights and any questions she had from conference. It was a super good lesson and she’s doing so well. It makes me so happy to see her embracing the gospel and seeing the happiness it brings her. 😊 After that we did our coordination meeting with Brother C and called it a night.😴

Sunday was awesome! I’ve really come to appreciate how amazing Sundays are as a missionary. We had our coordination meeting with the Bishop and then Ward Council before church. We had Brother C take us to pick up L, this former investigator we’ve been working with. He decided to come to church this week but lives in a group home as well, so we had to pick him up. I found out talking to him on the ride to church that he has the exact same birthday as me! We both turn 20 on the 23rd of this month. 🎉 So that was pretty cool! Anyway, we had 5 people at church on Sunday. L, LJ was finally able to come, DS, SZ and her husband came, and this lady named J, who is from West Africa. She met Sister O before and then decided to come check out church! J and L stayed all 3 hours and it was way cool. We gave J a Book of Mormon and tried to set up a teaching visit with her, but she was a little hesitant to set something up. So hopefully she comes to church again and it all works out. 🙌 L loved church so that was great! After church we were supposed to have a lesson with S and J but they weren’t home. 😭 I was pretty sad. So we stopped by A instead and got to talk to him and play some catch with his kids. 🏈 His kids love us haha. 😂 He said he would talk to his wife and get back to us about a time we could come by and share a message with them.👍So that was good. After that we had dinner with the Rs and it was so good! Sister R made chicken enchiladas, cowboy caviar with chips, mixed fruit, and cilantro lime rice. I had literally 4 extra plates of the mixed fruit haha. It was so good and she made an insanely huge bowl of it. Nobody was eating it, so I was like, “I love it so I’ll eat it haha😂”. It was very yummy. After dinner we drove up to St. Stephen to meet with R and S and their family. A (the girl we originally met and gave a Book of Mormon to) was out front with T and this other girl we didn’t know when we pulled up. T had a football out, so naturally I played catch with him haha. 💯🙌He plays RB and is in 6th grade, so I got talking to him about football and stuff. R came driving up after like 10 minutes so we ended up sharing the Plan of Salvation with all of them right on the driveway! It was really cool and the other girl there was A’s friend who lived next door, and she was pretty interested too, and said next time we are up in St. Stephen we could visit her family too. Hopefully that works out as well as A’s family has.👌R said his wife keeps reminding him they need to read the Book of Mormon as a family, but he’s been super busy with work (he works construction) and they haven’t had a free minute yet this week. He said by next time we come up they will have read some of it! So we set up an appointment with them for the 22nd and headed back down to Sauk Rapids. We had a lesson with the Bs and it went really well. We read 3 Nephi 11:1-15 and told them as we read to mental imagery yourself into Bountiful when Christ descends to the people. As we read it was really cool to feel the Spirit and I just had a witness that Christ truly did visit his “other sheep” in the American continent. We invited them to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Christ really did visit the people in the Americas. They said they would and E said she had been reading some of the Book of Mormon when she gets free time. 💯👌I’m loving it!!🙌After that we and did numbers and training evaluations and called it a night. Funny story: Elder L in Hutchinson lost a tooth on Sunday. 😂😂😂 

This week's been great and I’m loving Sauk Rapids and the work here. It’s still tough and we still gotta work hard, but it’s definitely paying off. It’s very satisfying at the end of a long, tough day to look in the mirror and know we gave it our best, even if it seemed like nothing worked out. That’s a pretty satisfying feeling, let me tell you. I’m so grateful to be a part of this church and this work of sharing the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m grateful we have the Priesthood and the Book of Mormon and a prophet and apostles to lead and guide us. I know this is His church and His work and it will never cease to roll forth.💯 Love you all, and thanks for for the prayers and support. I seriously couldn’t do it without them. Congrats to the Bobcats and Mavericks! Keep on winning and kicking butt.👊Can’t wait to suit up again next fall.🏈 But for now, I’m in the best suit I could be in. 😉👔

Much love,
Elder Beach
#MavUp #10

Hanging out with the kids in the neighborhood and their "pet eagle".

A minion fire hydrant we found.

Fall in Minnesota!

Gotta look the part for zone training over skype...