Monday, July 25, 2016

MMM mission (Many Mighty Miracles!)

Hello to y'all back home! Hope things are going great and I was excited to hear that the Bobcats 2016-17 season starts today!🏈💯 Work hard and have a great season y'all. I'm excited to hear how it goes! 

We have had a week of many miracles! The Lord is truly present in this great work we are doing. Whether it be service, knocking doors, working with members, anything... We have had miracles this week!

On Tuesday, we took Luann to the family history library and she LOVED it🎉 She stayed for almost 3 hours! She found a lot of info about her dad and his side of the family. It is so cool to see how family history work brings families closer together. We have been helping her a lot with yard work, which I love! Service is a great way to share the gospel. Our relationship with her is really building but she is still resistant to hearing any gospel messages. So for now, we just love her and serve her! However, she said she would watch Meet the Mormons because she is really interested in the candy bomber! So it's a start. She said we should go to this pizza place called Broadway Bar Pizza so we are gonna check it out tonight! Please keep Luann and her husband in your prayers! Her husbands health isn't doing super well right now. 

Ok, biggest miracle of the week: Sister Parkinson has a friend named Ann who has been investigating the church for a few years. Her mom recently passed away and it has been hard on her faith. Her husband isn't a huge supporter of the church either. But we've had two lessons with Ann and one with her daughter Laurel this last week! Yesterday we taught Ann the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was an amazing lesson. Brother and Sister Parkinson came with us and it was great. I had the opportunity to challenge Ann to be baptized and she said yes! She feels like she needs to be an example for her family so she really wants to! It's so cool😊 she has had a lot of physical and emotional struggles the past little while and we shared Ether 12:27 with her and told her how the Lord will make our "weaknesses become strong."  It was an amazing spiritual experience. We are meeting with her again on Wednesday and with Laurel sometime this week as well!

We have dinner with the members almost every night and we decided to follow up on a promise made by Elder Rasband (I think, not sure) at a stake conference out here. He said if you have the missionaries in your homes and have them teach you the first two lessons in PMG, by no later than the end of the second lesson you will have a name in your mind of someone ready to receive the Gospel. So we have been doing that each night at dinner. We have return appointments with like 4-5 families for this week! So hopefully our list of potential investigators and referrals grows this week!

Another miracle that happened was we got to teach Janna! She is the lady that Elder Cordara and Elder Last found and helped with her lawn mower. So we set up a first lesson with her, taught the restoration, and set a a baptismal date with her as well! It's incredible! We are having another lesson with her next week and we have a lesson with her brother Dantomorrow!

There is a single mom named Kristi who just got baptized on the 2nd of July and so did her daughter Laney. So we have been teaching them as well and helping Kristi get ready for the temple and baptisms for the dead. They are so nice and I love them! Anyways, Kristi's best friend Nastasia wants to have a lesson with us so we are meeting with them on Thursday! I'm so excited for it!

This week we are mowing 4 lawns in 2 days! Just like the good ol' days back home haha. It's fun though and myself and Elder Cordara are getting really good at it!

The most spiritual experience I had this week was when we taught a lady named Glory. She is from Liberia and has some kinda crazy ideas about doctrines and stuff but she is great! So her two sons, Josh and Ziggy were there too. They are like 11 and 4 I think. We taught about the sacrament and showed a quick video. Josh was really paying attention and thinking. It was cool. After the video, we talked to Josh about what the sacrament means to him. I don't remember what he said, but it was really profound for an 11 year old with little knowledge of the gospel. As we were sitting there, I felt Gods love for him so strongly. It was such a powerful, amazing yet simple feeling: God loves you and has good things in store for you.  It was incredible. And as we said the closing prayer I prayed that Josh and Ziggy would be able to feel of the love God has for them and know that he really does love them. It was so cool! Right after that lesson, we had a lesson with a new convert named Grace who is also from Liberia. Grace has such a strong testimony!  When we got there, she said her friend named Terri was there and she was going to join us! So we ended up teaching restoration, and set a baptismal date with Terri! But as we were sitting there teaching, I had that same overwhelming feeling of Gods love, this time for Grace. It truly made me realize that God loves us so so much! Like more powerfully and deeply than we can know. It's awesome!😊

Well, we are back at it again tomorrow! I miss y'all back home and think about each of you daily. God has good things in store for all of us! I can't wait to hear how Sky View football does this year! I know y'all can do well if you work hard and come together as a team. Trust each other and have each other's backs. I love getting emails about stuff going on at home so if anyone wants to send me one, even just a quick one, that would be awesome!  I love all of you back home and I know God loves you too. My dad sent me a piece of advice from President Gordon B. Hinckley: "Get on your knees and pray, then get on your feet and go to work." Simple yet so very true! I can't stress enough how amazing prayer is. Rely on the Lord during your trials and he will carry you! I love you all! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Much love,
Elder Beach
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